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Let Wallpaper Be The Secret Ingredient to Your Kitchen Success

When we saw the pictures of Irene Gimmersta’s kitchen, we got so inspired that we wanted to share them with you. The kitchen looks brand new, but it’s actually ten years old. When Irene chose to wallpaper with our design Mattias Forest Green, the kitchen furniture and display cabinets were repainted in a color that matched the wallpaper perfectly.

An entirely practical kitchen does not have to be thrown out and replaced to get a modern and updated look, and this result was a brilliant example of recycling. Irene owns Sandberg Wallpaper together with her husband, and of course, they had to choose to wallpaper in their own home.

The Interview with Irene Gimmersta

Describe your interior design style

My interior design style, well, it is full of compromises between function, shape, price, my husband, and children. I see and feel when something is perfect, but the process there is often anxious, long, and full of wrong purchases.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is when form and function are in perfect harmony. I’m not an interior design nerd even though I work with wallpaper, colour, and shape every day and have done so for over 15 years. It is so much easier to work with a collection for a specific target group compared to myself.

How did the process go when you chose the wallpaper?

In our home, it always starts with function, the next step is to choose the wallpaper, and then the rest usually falls into place. In this case, it was love between a villa from the 20s and the wallpaper Mattias in a lovely moss green colour with hints of clay brown. In addition to function, recycling is a strong driving force in our home. I grew up with the idea that you can do wonders with small means. I rearranged the furniture in my girl’s room at least four times a year to find the right feeling, and my mother was always walking through the house in search of new interior design projects.

In our kitchen, this was also the case, which is over ten years old. We had chosen solid materials from the beginning, so it was easy to give the kitchen a new look with two different shades adapted to the colours in the wallpaper and new door handles from Beslagdesign. There were some trips to our local paint and wallpaper specialist retailer until I came up with the right shade.

Do you have any useful tips for those who are hesitant about patterns and wallpaper?

To those who hesitate with patterns and wallpaper, I say dare to try, it is, after all, just wallpaper, the result can not be so wrong. Choose from a brand that thinks long-term and that you trust. With Sandberg, you can hardly do wrong. All our collections harmonize with each other, so it will be right whatever you choose.

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"Choose from a brand that thinks long-term and that you trust. With Sandberg, you can hardly go wrong."