Create Magic in Your Hallway with Wallpaper with Sofia Mokkasin

During the spring, we collaborated with the fantastic multi-talent Sofia Jansson, who among other things, runs the blog Mokkasin. The result was the Löfstad collection, which was released in its entirety at the beginning of 2021.

But Sofia has already found her favorites from the first two launches and has now wallpapered with the designs Charlotta and Maria in her home. We are completely in love with the end result, and since we are always inspired by Sofia, we took the opportunity to ask some questions.

Interior Design Tips from Sofia

I strongly believe that the home must be allowed to be just a home, that it should really reflect the people who live and work there. If you mix everything you like, old and new, patterns and peeled, different colors and styles, it still fits together in the end.

I think that homeliness is in personal choices, and that is probably exactly what you want most from home. Really figure out what you like and sort of getting to the bottom of it. Realise that someone else’s home is not your own. Simply trust your gut feeling. Dare to try, life is too short to go and worry that things will not go well!

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The Interview with Sofia Mokkasin

How would you describe your interior style?

My style is various and lacks a common thread. I mostly think that our style reflects us who live here. All of us, adults and children. It’s like a blissful mix of everything we like to surround ourselves with.

What are your best tips when choosing wallpaper?

To feel what you like, rather than letting yourself be guided by current trends. And order samples, of course, to pin on walls and see what colour and pattern look like in your home. It is often a big difference from just looking in a book in the wallpaper store or from the screen when you shop online.

Do you have a favourite place in your home?

The glass veranda! It was covered by two facades when we moved here, but we suspected that something might be hiding underneath. One cold winter night we made a hole from the inside, and there were almost all the windows from 1913 preserved. So one fine day we found it and carefully renovated it. It is lovely to sit there, alone or crowded with lots of friends even though it is tiny. I love that you notice every single season so clearly right here, where the spring sun warms first and foremost, and the rain beats absolutely lovely.

How did you choose the wallpaper for your home from the Löfstad collection?

Our children had suddenly painted over the wallpaper in their room. So sad but at the same time they have to choose for themselves, they are the teenagers now the whole bunch, so the wills are strong.

Then I thought we would turn everything around and wallpaper the open surfaces that had previously been painted in neutral colors, like the stairwell and the great hall. We wanted it to feel bright and soft, as well as enclose the large areas. I absolutely did not want wallpaper with harsh contrasts, but quite the opposite, so Charlotta fits in perfectly.

The details you perceive when you look at it closely are that little extra. Everyone in the family, even the skeptical teenagers, thought that the stairwell and the hallway were fantastically nice! All of a sudden, everything became a separate room instead of just some kind of large passage.

Nomi suddenly wanted to change rooms to the hallway, maybe she misses her overpainted wallpaper a bit after all. We also had a small inner hall wallpapered with Maria. So nice to change the wallpaper to the small space. That wallpaper is made after hand-painted walls at Löfstad, and it really feels in the wallpaper, so soft and unique.

What are your favourites from the Löfstad collection?

Charlotta and Maria, of course. Then I like Emelie a lot – especially the blue one! Ragnvi I think is so luxurious and I love the little flowers that are there when you look closely. Emil is a very nice medallion and so very soft and calm. And Hedvig in the colour Honey for its neat pattern. Wow, they seem like almost everyone’s favourites.

That wallpaper is made after hand-painted walls at Löfstad and you can really feel it in the wallpaper, so soft and unique.