House Tours 5 Lovely Children Bedroom Ideas

Decorating a children’s bedroom or nursery can bring so much joy to both you and your little one. This is a room where you can really let your imagination run wild and create a whole new world. We have collected some kids room inspiration for the perfect play spaces.

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Add playful details for inspiration and creativity

Whether your kids bedroom is a small space or has a generous amount of room, adding playful details are a great way to add inspiration for games and creativity. Wallpaper Belle Confetti has large sea creatures that open up for storytelling, imagination and curiosity about life and the planet. This dreamy corner makes the perfect reading nook.

On the wall: Alice Confetti | Photo: @alinaghitescu

Achieve a peaceful atmosphere with floral designs

Let wallpaper help you achieve a peaceful sleeping space for your little one. If you would like to create a soft interior then floral wallpaper can do this for you. Try opting in for muted colourways with delicate patterns. Maria Sandstone has a light gray backdrop with a flowing floral design that is sure to make the room feel calm and peaceful.

On the wall: Maria Sandstone | Photo: @alinaghitescu

Floral wallpaper also works great for this relaxed nature inspired kids room, below seen with Morängen Hazel and Lo Pastel in a dreamy setting. The combination of neutral colors, rattan furnishings and floral wallpaper is a match made in heaven.

Left: Morängen Hazel, Right: Lo Pastel

Use vintage to add personality

Vintage is the way forward if you are looking for a unique style. Search for your treasures at local second hand stores, car boot sales, antique fairs or buy and sell groups on social media. Select timeless wallpaper to finish your room design. Below you can see the green wallpaper Suzanne Emerald that complements the vintage interior beautifully.

On the wall: Suzanne Emerald | Photo: @majasmissionshus

Another good idea is to use traditional wallpaper such as Lyckan Copper or Wilma Blue. Although timeless in their expression, they have an air of heritage that intensifies when accessorized with vintage furnishings.

Left: Lyckan Copper, Right: Wilma Blue
Left photo: @alyssataylorhome
Right photo: @chalkwhitearrow

Gender neutral kids room

Design a modern kids bedroom by allowing it to be gender neutral.

On the wall: Gustav Light Grey | Photos: @steviemaxine

Striped wallpaper is classic, timeless and neutral, making it the perfect backdrop for both boys and girls rooms. This Scandinavian styled kids room is wrapped by Gustav Light Grey which makes it simple, yet cozy and welcoming.

On the wall: Jon Olive Green | Photo: @apinchofstyle_

Earthy colors such as green and wooden furnishings make a wonderful childrens bedroom. Calm, cozy and neutral makes this a safe space for creativity and imagination.

Let your wallpaper tell a story

Choose a wallpaper that sets a scene and tells a story. Dress your kids' room in an enchanted starry sky that creates a magical den. This type of wallpaper gives root to stories of castles, magical nights and fairy tales.

On the wall: Starry Sky Petrol

This wallpaper is part of our Löfstad Collection that is inspired by the Löfstad Castle in south Sweden. Placed in a kids room this offers a fairy tale setting that is sured to be appreciated as it lends itself to stories of knights, castles, dragons and magical nights.

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