How to wallpaper

1. Make sure you have the right tools available.

2. Make sure you have an even surface. Remove any loose old wallpaper. Use a filler on any bumps and cracks and sand down to a flat surface.

3. Remove nails and other fittings and fill larger holes.

4. Turn off the electricity supply and loosen any power sockets and light switches.

5. Make sure that the wall is clean and dry before you start wallpapering.

6. We recommend that you first paint dark walls if you are putting up a light wallpaper

7. Apply the glue directly on the wall. Apply a generous amount, enough for 1.5 lengths, so that the whole length of wallpaper is resting on the glue.

8. Use a brush in corners, above skirting boards and below ceilings.

9. Pull up your first strip of wallpaper and fasten it at the top. Check that it's hanging straight by using a pendant or pre-draw a line using a spirit level.

10. If your wallpaper isn't straight, don't try to force it into place. Instead, remove the whole length and start over.

11. Fasten the rest of the length and smooth out any air bubbles. Cut your wallpaper by the skirting board. Remember to change the blade on your wallpaper knife often.

12. Use a damp sponge to wipe off any residue glue. Wipe down the whole lengths of wallpaper to avoid getting a streaky effect. Be careful not to rub too hard.