Dagmar Lodén – 1950s designs

Dagmar Loden designer of floral wallpaper

Dagmar Lodén (1904-89) was a well-known artist, textile and interior designer. She was a talented painter in oils, with a delicate touch. Jointly with her husband, Kalle Lodén, she received several public commissions in Stockholm in the 1930s. When Kalle died, at the early age of 39, Dagmar moved with their two children and her mother to the town of Leksand in the province of Dalarna, where an artists’ colony had grown up around the Jobs sisters, creators of amazing patterns.

Dagmar Lodens Floral Wallpaper

Dagmar painted, exhibited her work and received very favourable media attention. In the 1960s, Dagmar also designed colour schemes for industrial premises and steelworks, milieux which came to characterise her paintings. The famous Alice Lund textile studio in Borlänge hired Dagmar to design hangings and tapestries, primarily for churches all over Sweden. Dagmar Lodén was appointed Artistic Director at Alice Lund in 1970 and, while continuing to paint in her beloved oils, she held that position until her death.

Floral Wallpaper Pattern Close up Tistlar

Floral Wallpaper Tistlar Red

Tistlar Red(Thistles) was drawn in 1949 for Jobs Handtryckeri in Leksand, where Dagmar worked directly on the floor to paint the enormous original. After 2.7 metres, she was finally happy with the repeat. Tistlar is a much-loved classic fabric, which is produced by Jobs handtryck Leksand. The pattern has been reinterpreted for surface print on behalf of Sandberg, in new colour schemes as well as the original colours.

Floral wallpaper 1950 Senecio

Senecio GreenIn 1959, Dagmar created the austere, vegetative pattern Senecio on behalf of Jobs handtryckeri. It was only printed for a year, disappeared for a time, but is now once again in production, this time as a wallpaper.