Country calm with floral wallpaper

If you are looking to create a calm and harmonious home with soft colours then Villa Dalarö collection might suit your taste. With its pastoral aesthetics, this is the ultimate spring and summer collection, and our stylist, Mari Strenghielm and photographer Anna Malmborg, has done an absolutely fantastic job of capturing this. The collection is named after Maris home, and the pictures show us the rooms, the residents and the walls, all of them saying, “Welcome to Villa Dalarö!”

Villa Dalarö_hus_bild1.jpg

The cool, almost sun-bleached, look captured by the images is woven finely into the colours of the collection, and Dalarö green features in several patterns. The collection and Mari’s home have been in tune throughout the process, and both the pictures and the patterns remind us of warm days, birdsong and balmy evenings in the summer garden.

Villa Dalarö_Bild_2.jpg

In Villa Dalarö, we have tried to capture the feeling of a complete home, and the patterns complement each other nicely. They link the rooms together and create a holistic unity. The colours are soft and easy to use in any room, with a couple of darker elements which lend contrast and a modern touch.


The summer of 2016, we started working on sketches and creating repeats of the Villa Dalarö patterns. A couple of days on the beautiful island of Bassholmen signalled the start of the work of creating the patterns, and the collection grew steadily, surrounded by summer, freedom, light and peacefully waving flowers.

Villa Dalarö_Levi 428-21_Bild4.jpg

This is a place where you really can spend a whole day over a cup of tea and a good book for company. The pictures capture the essence of a peaceful holiday, and the wallpapers really do come into their own in this wonderful home.

Villa Dalarö_Sigfrid 425-46_Bild5.jpg

Spring is almost here, and with the Villa Dalarö collection, the warm summer days are not too far away either. I really long for those lazy, barefoot days in the sun!


/Sara Bergqvist

Designer at Sandberg Wallpaper