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Hur man inreder ett rum för tonåringar

Vi hade en pratstund med Louise från Danmark. Louise har en kreativ och unik inredningsstil som inspirerar. Hon använde nyligen vår tapet Raphaël i båda sina döttrars rum. Hon delar med sig av sina bästa råd om hur man kan använda tapeter på platser för barn som befinner sig i en lite märklig ålder: den mellan barn och tonåringar - så kallade tweens.

Intervju med Louise Thusgaard

Tell us a little more about yourself.

My name is Louise, I am almost 41 and live in a small masonry villa with my husband and our two girls; they are 9 and 11 years old. Our home is my playground, my workplace and my free space. So it includes all aspects of my life. My house is where I find that energy and creativity that underpins my entire profile.

I have always loved to change and create new universes. Over the years, I feel that I find more peace in slightly more subdued colours, and then I let various interiors be the festive element.

But for my girls, it is something else, and it is still cool to make the ideas run freely, which is also why we decided to hang wallpaper in their rooms.

How did you choose the wallpaper?

I have been looking at precisely these wallpapers for many years. When it was time to update the rooms of my daughters, I had no doubt, and I just had to try these beautiful wallpaper. And the girls agreed, they are so fond of it. They both think the Raphaël wallpaper fit perfectly in their rooms.

How do you decorate a “tween” room?

It is a massive question on how to do! It depends, of course, a lot on your child’s personality. Children have many different ideas, dreams and idols depending on their age. But I usually like to present them with different ideas, and then we find out what we think could work.

I was not sure if they wanted to wallpaper their rooms. But after I showed them the pattern of Raphaël, it was no doubt for a second. Both think it creates a whole new way of having fun. They feel like they are entering an extraordinary universe now.

What are your best interior design tips?

The best advice I can give is to follow your heart. When you do that, your items always tend to blend in beautifully with each other over time.

Don’t just follow trends. It is when you mix and match that magic happens.

I love to unite flea finds and designs. These finds are what makes our home unique: because we surround ourselves with things bought with heart and love. A holiday memory is as satisfying as a designer chair, at least if you ask me.

See more of Louise’s style on her blog and Instagram.

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