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Raphael Forest – The story behind the wallpaper

For 45 years, Sandberg Wallpaper has been inspired by dedicated craftsmanship, captivating stories, and the legacy of patterns worldwide by creating Swedish wallpaper art of the highest quality. Our wallpaper archives, looking back over the years and ahead in time, have always been up to date. We keep up our work with continued curiosity, and our vision is to create a more beautiful everyday life by creating new expressions in our patterns.

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We have decided to create a grand special edition of one of our most appreciated patterns, as a tribute, to our years in the wallpaper business. With inspiration from French botanical 18th-century fabrics, our pattern Raphael, stands timeless, both in modern and classical settings. Let’s celebrate and grow with the tree of life.

Dream of strolls among lush trees in enchanting and ancient forests. The wallpaper Raphael Forest is an extra extensive and welcoming edition of the pattern Raphael with inspiration from the 18th century.

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