Our Löfstad collection is born from the unique treasure trove of wallpapers belonging to Löfstad Castle. A centuries-old archive containing thousands of deeply rooted stories bound to patterns, colours and structures. Miss Emilie Piper’s sense of style gave the castle its beautiful framing and even today, nearly a century since her passing, the warm feeling of a home full of life is truly apparent.

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The story of Löfstad

Perhaps I thought, just like spring starts over with warm winds from the south, that my memories too would forever linger between these walls. That my precious moments would be captured by the room and my words by the air that you breathe. As if I only left the room for a short while. Perhaps it is my desire that the stories of Löfstad Slott never fall silent. As whispers, that I was once here on earth.

A little calendar sits on the desk in Emilie Piper’s bedroom. Light falls through the curtains and the date shows December 19. The year is 1926. The day Emilie Piper was brought to her final rest. The moment that time stopped at Löfstad and in an instant, life was forever preserved within the walls of the castle.

To step over the threshold is to embark on a secret visit. Never has it felt truer that walls are able to tell stories. We walk from room to room, followed by shadows bouncing eternally between the walls. All is still, but we can sense the sounds belonging to this place. Perhaps it’s the sound of a gentle breeze rustling through centuries-old lindens, heard through the thinly paned windows. The song of the leaves, sung in soft whispers.

We pause to note the tiny, barely visible details, where an entire universe seems to be harboured in even the smallest of objects. As if time has been trapped between invisible layers. One for each person; one for each sacred moment on earth. In the library, we browse through photographs, dedicated drawings behind frames, closets where clothes hang in neat rows and linen pillowcases with crumpled ribbons. In every corner, we discover keys to a story.

Our eyes come to rest upon the walls. They seem to have a life of their own. Ornately decorated with an eternal mix of patterns; the wild and unexpected, the subtle and solemn. Some painted in thin, elegant brushstrokes that seem to continue without end. Narrow borders, like strings of pearls, emboldened by rich colours.

To stand before the castle walls is like experiencing a much gentler world. A reminder of hills filled with linden trees, hand-picked bouquets, meadows rich with poppies and the little clearing by the lake. The English park with its beautiful pond. A sudden sense of longing is upon us for the precious moments of summer; the flap of the swallow’s wings and butterflies dancing in the sun. Dahlias, roses, carnations, lilacs and the wildflowers adorning the fields.

As we step closer, the details transform into little pieces of jewellery, bearing witness to someone who has discovered all that is special. We continue our journey through the rooms. The patterns, the colours and the presence of nature makes me think of a home. Emilie Piper is said to have wished: “when available, flowers shall be brought into the castle.” This is how a home feels. Someone whispers: welcome.

Respecting the location, the stories and the people who once lived there, we created an elegantly subtle collection. Wallpapers where each pattern holds a unique ability to decorate a room, coupled with a deep colour palette to bring a sense of harmony. Wallpapers to enjoy for a very long time.

The collection is a mixture of original expressions and natural beauty. Many of the patterns are originals from the castle, carefully interpreted by our studio. The combination of mild, muted colours with remarkable patterns results in a collection that brings arts and crafts to mind in its artistic expression. The Löfstad Castle collection is our interpretation of a time around the turn of the century, where words such as “authentic” and “beautiful” were held in high regard. A time when details and interior design equalled personal authenticity. Something that prevails to this day.

For the most part, the wallpapers are surface printed; a traditional printing method that gives the wallpapers a dynamic, hand-painted feel. A conscious choice to provide the collection with the remarkable, unique feeling it deserves.

“I have wished for a memory of the older days to be kept forever, when “life at the castle” meant living on a large estate; providing a real home that has carefully evolved over centuries, sensitive to varying tastes and influences, all within the framework of a castle from Sweden’s era of great power where several generations have lived and worked.”  – Quote by Emilie Piper