Our Kolonin collection is an interpretation of the life that goes on between the home in the city and the visit to the allotment. Hand-painted flower stems and magnificent foliage interact in a bubbling flora, the colour scheme reflects modern times and ranges from the pleasantly sober to the dramatically dark. Kolonin is our tribute to that part of the Swedish cultural heritage.

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It is early morning and the first rays of the sun are filtering in through the window. The city has not yet woken up when we pack the bicycle basket with coffee and freshly baked bread. The scent of the flowering schersmin is still in the air, as a reminder from yesterday’s visit.

Hollyhocks humbly bow good morning as we glide down the hill over the sun-warmed asphalt.

In a quiet existence of soft summer light and meadow-like vegetation, we find our way to the familiar entrance which, with its beautiful winding arch, welcomes us back.

At the allotment, we switch between being indoors and outdoors, the world becomes one. An oasis in the city, that for over 100 years has given city dwellers the opportunity to go out into their own garden to grow and socialize.