Ten stunning wallpapers for kids

Here are our ten tips for wallpapers for children’s rooms from our new Kubel Kids collection. Kubel Kids is a collection of children’s wallpapers that tell an actual story. The colours are carefully selected to create the “perfect pink” and the “most lovely shade of green”. The collection has been developed in collaboration with photographer and stylist Anna Kubel. The best thing about this collection is that the wallpapers work well anywhere in the home, not just the children’s room.


Our bestseller Ava dark blue  in a new colour scheme, developed as part of a collaboration between Anna Kubel and our design team. A wonderful wallpaper for the children’s room, or even in your own bedroom.


A slightly pared back version of Ava. This also works really well in the children’s room, bedroom, or even the living room.

Morängen Sandberg Wallpaper blogg

Morängen. In this wallpaper we’ve enlarged some of the flowers in our popular Lo pattern to give the impression that we’re rather small. Morängen is a digitally printed repeatable wallpaper measuring 180 x 270 cm.

Hollie_232-38_4 blogg

Hollie Green. A wonderful children’s wallpaper in a lovely shade of green that gets its name from Anna Kubel’s eldest daughter Hollie. She is a bubbly girl who loves the woods. This wallpaper is a snapshot of Hollie’s world. We find the mushrooms that she picks in the forest, the pheasants who the family are often visited by at home, a fox, some deer, and the hare who lives in the woods.

Hollie_232-19_3 blogg

Children’s wallpaper Hollie Grey in a grey colour scheme.


Hollie Dark Blue in a slightly darker shade of blue.

Bianca_802-24_5 blogg

The wallpaper Bianca gets its name from Anna’s youngest daughter Bianca. This lovely wallpaper in dove grey features sweet little forest stars. Above you can see the wallpaper in the “perfect pink”.


Bianca Beige in a neutral colourway works very in well in the kitchen, for example.

Bianca_802-56_3 2 blogg
Bianca Blue

ava-elvira blogg

Ava-Elvira is an enlarged version of our popular Ava pattern and gets its name from Anna’s grandmother Elvira. Here we see Ava-Elvira in a living room, giving the room a wonderful sense of homeliness and harmony.

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