Kate Arends: “Narrow the selection down, and then trust that you have no bad selection to make.”

Kate Arends is the creative director and founder of the fantastically inspiring company Wit & Delight. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband, Joe, son August, daughter Bennett, and their sweet English labrador, Winnie Bear. Kate has recently redecorated at home with our playful and fabulous wallpaper Eugene. We fell completely in love with the result and decided to ask Kate some questions.

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How did you choose the wallpaper for the bedroom?

I am very much an intuitive designer, meaning “winging it” has become part of my process. The wallpaper was selected because of its whimsical yet sophisticated pattern and it matched our existing trim colour perfectly! I like working within constraints, whether it be budget or time, and not having to paint the woodwork or shutters in this room was the first design decision we made.

What is your best advice for someone who would like to wallpaper at home?

I see so many people admire the look of wallpaper but get hung up on making the perfect choice. There is no “perfect choice” only a series of good decisions!! Narrow the selection down, and then trust that you have no bad selection to make. The risk is well worth the reward!

Which is your best styling advice?

Style with the things you love. Few of us live in photoshoot-ready homes, THANK GOODNESS! It’ll look more authentic, unique, and personal to you. I think our own preferences have a tendency to look good together, so don’t overthink it too much.

We love this styling!

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