How to wallpaper with stripes

Stripes never go out of style. This pattern is perfect if you would like to bring a subtle Scandinavian simplicity to your residence. They can undoubtedly be used in any room as they match wonderfully with other patterns without taking over. Whether you prefer pinstripes or classic stripes, we got a style for your home.


Pinstripe wallpaper has thin lines, usually positioned close to one another. Did you know that pinstripes got its name from men’s pinstripe suits? We find them chic and elegant which makes them perfect for a study room or a hallway.


Emilia Black

Classic Stripes

Classic stripes are uncomplicated and classy! From our range, you can choose between thin or thick strips with a variety of colour. Classic stripes are versatile and we think they work well in any space.



Magnus Black

Estelle Mustard

William Blue

Horizontal Stripe

Horizontal stripes create the illusion of a larger room. Therefore we recommend them for your hallway, guest bathroom or why not a small bathroom? If you would like to achieve the illusion of higher walls in a room, we recommend vertical stripes.


Fjordbyen Blue