How to wallpaper the living room

The living room is where most people want to maximise comfort and cosiness. It is the room where we spend the majority of our time and where the whole family likes to hang out and relax. We should, therefore, grab the chance to show our style and personality.

Beautiful wallpaper will take your living room to the next level and give it a personal touch.

Find a good base

The living room is the social hub, so choose a pattern that will complement your furniture and that works with the style of the other rooms in your home.

Wallpaper all four walls

In the living room, when it comes to wallpaper you can be adventurous, especially if you are looking to transform the room and create a unique atmosphere. Invest in warm tones if you want a cosy room; for a more luxurious look, combine dark colours with shiny accents.

Our top tip is to wallpaper all four walls for a tidy, stylish feel.