Decorate your study like Sandra Baker

Sandra Bakers wonderful study


“When decorating a study, think about how you work most effectively. Do you prefer calm surroundings, with muted colours, so you can think clearly? Or are you inspired by colour and pattern? I’m definitely the latter, so the vibrant blue Raphael wallpaper was perfect for my study. I find it cheering and uplifting and a happy space to be in – the perfect environment to tackle a day’s work!” – Sandra Baker @the_idle_hands

Get Sandra´s interior style

Create a location so smart and welcoming that you want to get your work done. The perfect study or home office for us is a room where we sip our morning coffee, get tons of work done while listening to calm music and putting our feet on a soft carpet. Instead, the study often becomes that room that is filled with mismatched items and sometimes even junk. To avoid that, read some of our best advice to get a lovely study like Sandra Bakers.

Comfort is key in a study.
The personal satisfaction is the most important factor when it comes to decorating a study. You should strive to create a space that you enjoy spending time in.

Organization and storing is a must in your home office
If papers and files are left out, it almost immediately feels overwhelming. If the desk drawers in your room are not enough for all your writing, pencils and books, you should put up a shelf or a wall cabinet. Use cute boxes, containers or jars for a neat impression. 

Add a soft carpet.
It is easier to work if you feel cosy, and few things is more comfortable then a furry rug. Then you will be able to kick off your shoes and spend long hours in your study.

Bring in some flowers
Plants purify the air and capture absorbs toxic particles. Also, plants in a room can increase humidity which has positive effects on our breathing, counteracts headaches and can make us focus better.

The artwork on the wall will get your creativity going
Look for art on the fleamarket or visit an art school for a unique look.