Floral wallpapers in 1950s style!


Do you live in a 50s home, and want to retain the style, or are simply in love with the colours and patterns from that period? Plastic was big, and wear it out and throw it away was the slogan.

In interior decor, the in-materials included marble, plastics, mosaics and linoleum in check patterns or beautiful parquet floors in oak. Exotic woods were a major trend, such as mahogany and teak. Even door handles for interior doors were in teak. Design was often straight and unadorned. The walls were decorated with colourful wallpaper, frequently in floral patterns or a more restrained and graphic style.


Hella is a soft, delicate wallpaper pattern with beautiful clover leaves. Here in a delightful turquoise, which embraces the room with its simplicity. With the oak parquet floor, the attractive woodwork and a blend of new and worn, the result is a modern home with a hint of the 1950s.


The Senecio wallpaper gives a cosy feel to this room, reinforcing the warmth of the lovely herringbone parquet. Typical for the period is the large picture window, which bathes the room in light, allowing the walls to handle the colour and pattern. A useful tip is to take up the shades in the wallpaper in the interior details, such as the lamp, vases and cushions, which repeat the turquoise of the wallpaper, strengthening the overall effect.


Tistlar’s strong pattern is used here to catch the eye. Along with the teak furniture, so popular in the 50s, it creates a real period feel. An excellent tip is to hunt out flea markets and auctions, where classic items both known and unknown can often be found.


In the true spirit of modernism, simple graphic patterns were the height of fashion. Kolmård marble, black Bakelite sockets and attractive forged metal objects and details ensure that the Drömstigen wallpaper melds into its true element.