Bedroom with a Scandinavian minimalistic decor

Creative Julia Khouri always has an exciting interior design project ongoing. Julia recently wallpapered her daughter Belle’s room with our beautiful design, Sanna light blue.

Describe your interior design style

A beloved mix of things I like, style clash rather than matchy-matchy. A light base with elements of wood, green, and different natural colours. Huge amounts of vintage and old furniture and gadgets, as it is a big interest of mine. Homely and cosy.

What inspires you?

Nature and the changes in seasons are my biggest inspiration. Different kinds of light and weather give me energy and desire to create and decorate at home.

How did the process go when you chose the wallpaper?

I started with my daughter Belle’s wish for blue walls with the idea that they should keep in style for as many years as possible as the house is a holiday home. The wallpaper has a light blue base that can be neutral and easy to like through different ages and years.

Do you prefer to wallpaper one wall or all four?

All four!

We love this styling!