6 Steps To The Scandinavian Style

Our goal is to add beauty to your home by offering timeless wallpapers with a Scandinavian design. But what is the typical Scandinavian interior? Following six recommendations will help you succeed with the popular Scandinavian style.

1. Split the wall with a wooden batten

If a patterned wallpaper over a wall feels too heavy, we would advise you to separate the bottom half with a wooden batten. Leave the other half in a plain colour, or use another wallpaper. Either on the same scale or something completely different.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors create an illusion of depth in a room, a key element within the Scandinavian style. Mirrors will make a room look larger since it tricks your eyes into thinking there is more space in the room than there actually is.

shaker list

3. Shaker rail

The Shaker rail is a popular piece of the interior in Scandinavian homes. It both helps us to organise, and it looks good. Put up one in the kitchen to store your finest linen towel, or why not some kitchen tools. You can also install a shaker rail in the bedroom to hang your silk morning robe and a dried bouquet to accomplish that luxurious look.

4. Peeled and minimalist

Less is more. Clear out unnecessary gadgets for a stripped-down and stylish look. BUT – the interior details are important to make you home personal. Your decorations should be stylish but also have a function. A beautiful vase for your flowers, a candlestick for a cosy shimmer or why don´t you cover a matchbox in wallpaper as a quirky detail.

5. Plants

Scandinavians love plants: the bigger and greener the better. Therefore, to succeed with the Scandinavian interior style, you should bring a large monster, fiddle leaf fig and a gold palm into your home. Scandinavians love easy-care plants and a pleasant tradition on the weekend is to buy a flower bouquet from the local flower shop.

6. Natural materials and light woods

Scandinavians and nature is a true match. It´s often noticed in the choice of materials and textiles in the homes of the Scandinavian population. Untreated wood is popular and beautiful. Crumpled linen is perfect for bedsheets and also for a tablecloth.