• Before and after: Baby girl nursery

    Hi Emma, ​​how are you and your family? We feel great, my husband is on parental leave, and my daughter, who is 13 months, is getting more fun every day. The only one in a bad mood is our cat, Ludacris. He has been grumpy since we sold his ugly cat tree that was in [...] Continue Reading
  • How to wallpaper with stripes

    Stripes never go out of style. This pattern is perfect if you would like to bring a subtle Scandinavian simplicity to your residence. They can undoubtedly be used in any room as they match wonderfully with other patterns without taking over. Whether you prefer pinstripes or classic stripes, we got a style for your home. […]

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  • Blogga i Bagis – Janniche about interior design, children’s room and dreams.

    Our latest collection Familj II has been developed in collaboration with Janniche Kristoffersen –   Blogga i Bagis. Janniche has been involved in the color scheme and also styled the collection that her husband Johan Bergström has photographed. We asked some questions to Janniche who tells us about her interior style, how she chooses wallpaper […]

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  •  6 tips to succeed with the decoration of your holiday home

    Are you thinking about renovating your holiday home? Due to these special times with a stay-at-home situation, we have more time than ever for home projects. If you are as into interior design as us at Sandberg Wallpaper, renovation plans are a perfect way to distract ourselves from the current situation in the world. 1. […]

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  • How to wallpaper the living room

    The living room is where most people want to maximise comfort and cosiness. It is the room where we spend the majority of our time and where the whole family likes to hang out and relax. We should, therefore, grab the chance to show our style and personality. Beautiful wallpaper will take your living room […]

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  • Create your memory game

    It´s time to get creative! With getting creative, of course we mean that it is time to make your very own memory game from scratch. We wanted to create a game with a delightful Sandberg touch. The cards can be made out of a cardboard box and pieces of leftover wallpaper. We are sure that […]

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  • Add colour in the children’s room

    A stylish wallpaper that inspires the imagination and playfulness – does it exist? Absolutely! With the help of wallpaper, you can enchant any room and add instant personality to a children’s room. Using wallpaper is a simple way to turn your children’s room into a place they enjoy to spend time in. Our advice is to […]

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  • Which type of decorator are you?

    Is your interior style trendy, classic or perhaps art deco?We have wallpaper for every style. Let's find out which best matches your taste. Classic Scandinavian Do you like to surround yourself with natural materials, basic functionality, simplicity, and as much light as possible? The classic decorator loves the timeless, traditional style and to express their [...] Continue Reading
  • 6 Steps To The Scandinavian Style

    Our goal is to add beauty to your home by offering timeless wallpapers with a Scandinavian design. But what is the typical Scandinavian interior? Following six recommendations will help you succeed with the popular Scandinavian style. 1. Split the wall with a wooden batten If a patterned wallpaper over a wall feels too heavy, we […]

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  • Perfect crafts for days at home

    It has probably never been more essential to explore your creativity and to get new ideas for your home. Therefore, we decided that the best way to be helpful would be to share some great DIY tips that can help stimulate the “stay-at-home” situation for the whole family. Here comes some fun ideas for the […]

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