Wallpapers for a house built in 1924

Home is the start for well-being. This house built in 1924 has been renovated and decorated with care by its owners. Here lives Eva och Mikael, and their home is truely a place for comfort and warmth. Every room is an experience, they have their own style but it goes so wonderfully well together. A beautiful harmony of colour and pattern. Here you´ll find classic Sandberg wallpapers such as Waldemar and Wilma

If you´re about to decorate your home, here are some advice and tips on What should I think about when decorating a house from the twenties?  Art Déco is the main influence during this period. It originates from the 1925 International Exhibition in Paris, where Swedish design made its international break through. It was light, elegant and playful, inspired by ancient classicism with a touch of functionalism.

If the Art Deco style feels too graphic and bit to strict have a look at patterns that originates from the nordic classicism era which also is typical for the 20-ies. Botanical motifs with simplified flowers and in kombination with geometric forms were widely popular. Our wallpaper Katarina is an example of this.


For amazing pics and inspiration with this wallpaper in gorgeous settings, make a visit at @flickanochtanten Our wallpaper Vera is another perfect match for a 1920 setting. An old archive design in soft, light colourways.


So, my advice to find the wallpaper for your home is to set a tone or an overall feeling to build your interior upon. Take your time, try different patterns and colours on your wall. Wallpaper samples are a huge help to make your decision. The experience can vary depending on the light and the room itself. Explore the colourful and happy world of wallpaper.