Interior trends with Trendrummet

We received an invitation to Josefines home, who runs Trendrummet [the Trend Room] and the Instagram account, Loppisverkstan. She shared her thoughts on the hottest decorating and interior trends with us. We also got to hear about her strategy when she decorated her dream house, and what her favourite wallpaper is. Stay tuned!

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When was your house built?
The house was built in 1873, but was moved to its present site at the beginning of the 20th century. We don’t really know why it was moved, though clearly this was common practice in those days. When the house was moved, the western part of the house was extended. That part contains the dining room and living room, with two bedrooms above. In 1970, the other side was also extended, providing space for the garage, store room and utility room.

How long have you lived in the house?
We moved in in November 2015, so almost 2½ years.

What do you think are the hottest decorating/furnishing trends this spring and summer?
Velvet, no question. I believe that the hype will continue for a bit yet. Then I also feel that the environment will continue to be a factor in people’s thinking, making the most of existing furniture/stuff and creating something new.

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Tell us how you went about decorating your living room.
The room is actually very light, as it looks south and has three large windows.  We have a light-coloured floor, with high white skirting boards. That’s why we chose a darker wallpaper to make the room a bit cosier. The furniture and the decor are both neutral, which has a soothing effect against the wallpaper.

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What should you have in mind when you begin to furnish a room? 
Have the overall impact in mind, so that things don’t straggle away. For instance, stick to one colour tone, and find a theme linking adjacent rooms.

What were your thoughts when you chose the wallpaper?
I wanted a darker paper, but with life, and I fell for the Malin pattern as soon as I saw it.

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Have you any neat ideas about what to do with leftover wallpaper?
I fold little present boxes from some of my leftover bits, but it’s also cool to recover other items about the house, like boxes or lampshades.

What makes you happy?
If you talking about decorating and furnishing, I love change, as I get tired of things fairly quickly. I love to refurnish my home, or just move some things around. Little changes can make a huge difference.

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What inspires you?
Lots of things do, but at the moment I get most of my inspiration on social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest.

How would you describe your decorating style?
I’d say it was a mix of styles, combining Scandinavian, vintage and a little boho.

Favourite gadget?
I wouldn’t really have a favourite gadget, but I do have some favourite pieces of furniture. I have some inherited furniture at home, which is both beautiful and really meaningful for me.

What would you absolutely not have in your home?
Over-dramatic colours, I like colours to be calm and soothing.

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What is your favourite wallpaper?
The one in our dining room, Seaweed.

3 favourite Instagram accounts.
There are loads of inspiring accounts on Instagram, but some of my favourites are @mari_strenghielm @styledbyemmahos och @arstidensbasta.

Is there anything you would recommend?
Being bold and choosing strong patterns and darker colours. That’s a lot more fun than pure white.

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Many thanks, Josefine, for sharing your ideas and your beautiful home. If you would like to see more of her decorating ideas, you can find her here: Loppisverkstan.