Wallpaper for a Baby Nursery

This room has been transformed from an office to a girls nursery. The combination of two wallpapers: Della and Igor, gives a unique expression and complement each other perfectly. Soft pastels, cute sea animals and smart storage solutions have made this nursery into the perfect playroom. 

"If you have decided to wallpaper, my recommendation is to “go all-in” and wallpaper the whole room."

"Think outside the box to get a unique and beautiful result."

Featured Products

Add a sense of calmness to the baby room with the Igor pattern and combine the flowy movement with the cheerful and adorable sea creatures of the Della pattern. Check out the colour options below and create a wonderful and stylish sea-world for your children to grow up with.

Della Coral
Igor Coral
Della Jade
Igor Jade
Della Ocean Blue
Igor Sandstone