Make your own mobile for the nursery

Super cool, simple and original DIY tips for the kids room. We love it when things are reused, so today we are offering a DIY tip the form of a cloud mobile which is a perfect project if you have any leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples.

DIY barnrum blogg.jpg

We made our cloud mobile from wallpaper leftovers from Sandberg Wallpapers’ Familj collection, and placed it above the bed as a fun decoration. But it works equally well as a fine decoration detail anywhere else in your home. We decided to make the cloud mobile in fairly muted colours, using the Kaspar pattern which decorated the walls in the baby’s room. We have also used the Mika and Ella patterns.

Kaspar Diy barn.jpg

Mall DIY barn.jpg

If you would like to make a cloud mobile, here is what you do:
Print out the patterns at the bottom of the page.

  • Trace and cut out the clouds. We have used 5 “clouds” for each cloud.
  • When you have cluttered the clouds, bend them in the middle and glue the two halves together. Do the same with the remaining bits. See the illustration below.
  • Place a fishing line in the middle before you glue the fifth and last cloud.
  • We have fixed each cloud in a metal hoop, but you can also hang them on a hanger, an embroidery frame or anything else you have lying about.

Moln mall .jpg

DIY barnrum-1.jpg

DIY barnrum blogg .jpg

Please remember that the mobile is not a toy, it is intended solely as a decoration. Hang it so that it is out of the reach of the child.

If you click the links below, you will find templates for the cloud mobile. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for masses of inspiration and fun DIY tips.

Cloud Template Large  and Cloud Template Small

Good luck with the project!