Sandberg Signatur is a treasure trove of patterns. We are looking at four female designers: Dagmar Lodén, Ylva Källström-Eklund, Joy Zandén and Lillo Wikstrand, all professional artists during the golden era when Scandinavian design was the best in the world. Sandbergs is now bringing their amazing patters into the present. The four women produced drawings and created interiors, made sketches, composed and signed while dreaming about saying something new about their own time and shaping their own professional lives. They successfully worked with children’s books and tapestries, church textiles and the creation of colour schemes for public spaces. Sandberg Signatur is characterised by youthfulness and imagination, from the beauty of a dreamy Swedish summer meadow, to exotic nature poetry, urban graphic rhythm, and playful figures. The patterns are based on rediscovered originals, dustjackets, embroidery and sketches.