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    The Story Behind Our Designs

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  • Wallpaper designer Karolina Kroon

    We had a chat with our marvellous wallpaper designer Karolina. We talked about her journey to becoming a designer and her wallpaper pattern Moa, which is named after her daughter Moa who was still in the womb when she drew the design. Hi Karolina, who are you? My name is Karolina Kroon, and I work [...] Continue Reading
  • The story behind Della

    “It’s so much fun to be with mom at work and see all the beautiful things they draw there. I love animals and water. My favourite animal on the wallpaper Della is the octopus, I wouldn’t like to swim in the ocean with it though. I think the fish and the turtle are best friends. [...] Continue Reading
  • Emilia Ilke – about her art interest and trends

    We had a little chat with the Contemporary Artists Emilia Ilke, the designer of the wallpaper Emilia Ilke. Emilia Ilke was born in Uppsala in 1984 and moved to Stockholm to follow her dream to become an artist. After her studies, she remained in the capital city. Today she works as a freelance artist and […]

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  • Sandberg’s Head of Design about wallpaper: “Don’t be so anxious”

    At her sketch table at Sandberg’s office, Sara Bergqvist creates new fantastic worlds with her brush. Worlds that then decorate walls around the world. We asked some questions to our Head of Design, where she tells us about her creative process, inspiration and what wallpaper has in common with tattoos. How did you become a […]

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  • Country calm with floral wallpaper

    If you are looking to create a calm and harmonious home with soft colours then Villa Dalarö collection might suit your taste. With its pastoral aesthetics, this is the ultimate spring and summer collection,

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  • Dagmar Lodén – 1950s designs

    Dagmar Lodén (1904-89) was a well-known artist, textile and interior designer. She was a talented painter in oils, with a delicate touch. Jointly with her husband, Kalle Lodén, she received several public commissions in

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  • Joy Zandén – amazing treasure of patterns!

    Sometimes, good things come out of something gone wrong. When Joy Zandén tried selling her textile patterns in 1950’s New York, no-one showed any interest. As if in an Audrey Hepburn film, she wandered

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