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  • Which type of decorator are you?

    Is your interior style trendy, classic or perhaps art deco? We have wallpaper for every style. Let´s find out which best matches your taste. Classic Scandinavian Do you like to surround yourself with natural materials, basic functionality, simplicity and as much light as possible? The classic decorator loves the timeless, traditional style and to express […]

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  • 6 Steps To The Scandinavian Style

    Our goal is to add beauty to your home by offering timeless wallpapers with a Scandinavian design. But what is the typical Scandinavian interior? Following six recommendations will help you succeed with the popular Scandinavian style. 1. Split the wall with a wooden batten If a patterned wallpaper over a wall feels too heavy, we […]

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  • Ett Hem – Drop 2 is here

    New for autumn 2019 is Ett Hem – our new collection of wallpapers that breathes summer and sets a calm and delicate balance to your home. Ett Hem is released in three parts with the first drop available in September 2019. See the whole collection here.

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  • Floral wallpapers in 1950s style!

    Do you live in a 50s home, and want to retain the style, or are simply in love with the colours and patterns from that period? Plastic was big, and wear it out and throw it away was the slogan.

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  • How to hang prints and frames!

    There are lots of ways to hang pictures. It takes a little time, but it is really worth it to achieve an attractive display. A measuring tape and a spirit level make it a lot easier to get it right. Questions people frequently ask 

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  • Ten stunning wallpapers for kids

    Here are our ten tips for wallpapers for children’s rooms from our new Kubel Kids collection. Kubel Kids is a collection of children’s wallpapers that tell an actual story. The colours are carefully selected to

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  • Combining striped and patterned wallpapers

    Not surprisingly, we love seeing walls covered in patterns. But sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing, even when we ourselves are decorating. Who doesn’t dream of a harmonious home, where the interior

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  • How to make the most of your hallway!

    It’s a new year, and maybe you’ve promised yourself a more organised lifestyle. Why not start by considering what your hallway looks like and how it is arranged? The hallway is the first room you see when you arrive home

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