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  • Colourful DIY Summer Garland

    Summer is here! Full of sunlight, fresh air, and hopefully some social gatherings. So, do you want to add more summer flavor to your home décor? If you are getting ready for a small summer party outside, you’ll need some adorable DIY decorations, and we think that garlands are one of the best and easiest [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY: Photo booth frame with masks

    As you may already know, we love to make homemade crafts made out of wallpaper leftovers. We are feeling optimistic about the future and prepared some adorable decorations for this summer's gatherings. Even if you host an intimate and small party outside, it's still fun to amuse your guests with lovely adornments. Why not try [...] Continue Reading
  • Spring Crafts – How to make beautiful plant pots out of wallpaper

    Make beautiful pots with materials you already have at home. This is a perfect way to take advantage of wallpaper leftovers from wallpapering, beautiful and climate-smart! Here we show two ways to make beautiful pots out of wallpaper for your seed starting or cuttings. Wallpaper pots work great to hang up as swings, perfect if [...] Continue Reading
  • Fabulous DIY Advent Calendar

    An advent calendar will make a highly appreciated activity during December by your loved ones. Small wallpaper boxes filled with little presents that can be opened every day right up to Christmas Day. The great thing about these boxes is that you can reuse them next Christmas. It will also make a wonderful decoration for [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY: Bat garlands for Halloween

    Bat garlands are the perfect decoration for Halloween. They are easy to make, and the most beautiful ones are, of course, made from leftover wallpaper remnants. Here is a simple guide on how to do a charming garland by yourself. You need: Wallpaper samples or leftovers cut into A4 size A pair of scissors A [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY: Floral wreath for the summer party

    Midsummer may be the most typically Swedish tradition, and we thought it would be nice to post a tutorial making a flower wreath with wallpaper. Most Swedes are celebrating by eating pickled herring, drinking schnapps and dancing around the midsummer pole. A Swedish Midsummer wreath in wallpaper is not only beautiful in the hair; it´s [...] Continue Reading
  • Create your memory game

    It´s time to get creative! With getting creative, of course we mean that it is time to make your very own memory game from scratch. We wanted to create a game with a delightful Sandberg touch. The cards can be made out of a cardboard box and pieces of leftover wallpaper. We are sure that […]

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  • Perfect crafts for days at home

    It has probably never been more essential to explore your creativity and to get new ideas for your home. Therefore, we decided that the best way to be helpful would be to share some great DIY tips that can help stimulate the “stay-at-home” situation for the whole family. Here comes some fun ideas for the […]

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  • Beautiful Easter creations – with wallpaper

    In the Nordic countries, we love to decorate our homes with feathers and decorative figurines of chickens during Easter. Feathers are hung in twigs and then placed in a vase, which brings a touch of spring into our homes. These feathers are perfect to hang in your Easter twigs and are so easy to create. […]

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  • Affordable and easy-to-make Valentine’s Ideas

    Make Valentine a bit more authentic with our quick and easy DIY crafts. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or think it’s become too commercialised, it is a great opportunity to show someone special that you appreciate him or her.

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