Familj II

Familj II is a wallpaper collection for the whole family, the little dreamer, as well as the organizer. It has gorgeous colours, playful and bold, for the Scandinavian-styled home. All designs are named after children related to us at Sandberg Wallpaper. Della was involved in choosing the animals for her wallpaper, and little Moa was soon to be born when her fabulous jungle was drawn. The collection fits perfectly in the kids’ rooms, but imagine how nice it would be to let the loveliness spill over to the rest of the home.


Imagine filling your walls with your very own seashell collection. Rio is a hand-drawn pattern, which is shown in its small differences in shape and imperfect dots. A charming and playful look, which creates a lovely decoration for the entire room.


Bending trees and climbing animals in a beautiful, mythical forest. Imagine all the fantasies and stories that will come to life right here! Study up-close and marvel at the level of detail or take a step back and let the pattern serve as a soft background in the room. Eden is an old favourite from our archive, arriving in three new colours.


Crumbs are on the table, and a forgotten cheese is left on the worktop. There is a queue outside the bathroom door. Where in the world is the baby’s teddy? Messy hair is braided neat, with today’s must-haves: dotted scrunchies. One little dreamer is sailing far, far away into a fantasy land in his room. There are notes to sign for the school. Who needs their gym bag today? “Mum, why does the elephant have such a long nose?” The sun is shining through the window, exposing yesterday’s speed cleaning, revealing a tiny, white something under the sofa. Oh, there it is – big brother’s first lost tooth! We’ve been looking everywhere. This calls for a celebration tonight. And that’s just how life is. We mess the house up and lose treasures. We daydream, ponder and throw fabulous parties. It is a typical Tuesday with those we love the most.


The digital print Wilton turns the room into a little world of its own. Cool plants and friendly animals in beautiful, watercolour shades spur the imagination, preventing you from ever feeling lonely. It is just as pretty for the tiniest tot as it is for older children. Wilton is a wallpaper to grow up with.


Stripes is a forever favourite: bright and happy, yet straight in order. It is young and mature all at once. Let Estelle be the foundation of the room or create personal, charming harmony by adding some of the other patterns from the collection.