Monica – The story behind the wallpaper

With a shared passion for craftsmanship and creating art that lasts over time the love story between Sandberg Wallpaper and Monica Andoff began. The result is a wallpaper with inspiration and material from the Swedish nature. What we call Swedish Wallpaper Art.

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Monica Andoff creates art with experimental plant dyeing on paper. Picking, drying, and dyeing it all by hand. It is the dyed papers that created the basis for the wallpaper named after the artist herself.

“I could never have imagined that these lovely plant prints would become wallpaper. The wallpaper is simply created from the Swedish landscape, it is craftsmanship, it is art.” – Monica Andoff, artist

“Creating this wallpaper together with Monica has been a real pleasure. The love of craftsmanship at Sandberg Wallpaper is there in every step we take, and that is something this collaboration with Monica really reflects” – Sara Bergqvist, Head of Design, Sandberg Wallpaper.

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