Add beauty to your home

We strive to create places to long for and add beauty to everyday life through our wallpaper patterns. With deep roots in the Swedish countryside, we find inspiration in our surroundings and nature.

The story lies in the details

We live to tell tales behind our designs and collections, with words and brushstrokes. We wish that our wallpapers can act as a backdrop for everyday life and give joy and beauty all year round.

Swedish Wallpaper Art

We prefer to move with careful steps, with one foot in our historical and cultural heritage, and the other in the present time. Artisanship is shown in every move we take – by drawing all our designs by hand, at our own pace. That is what we call Swedish wallpaper art.

Hand drawn Scandinavian design

All our wallpapers are designed and hand-drawn by Sandberg’s design team at Sandberg Studio. Timeless, classic Scandinavian wallpaper of high quality with a unique expression that lasts over time.

Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden

Sandberg Wallpaper is a Swedish design company that are purveyor to the royal court of Sweden and has been awarded AAA rating. Sandberg Wallpaper was founded by the Sandberg family and is now a part of Gimmersta Wallpaper that has specialised in wallpapers since the 1920’s. Our offices are situated in Borås, Sweden from where we operate world wide.